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About this Site

This site was created by the staff of L&S Learning Support Services.

Primary web development team members


  • Content Management System: Drupal 6
  • Theme: Newswire
  • Core-Optional Modules: Color, Comment, Contact, Database logging, Help,
    Menu, Path, Ping, Profile, Search, Statistics, Syslog,
    Taxonomy, Trigger, Update status, Upload.
  • Contributed Modules: AddThis, Admin Role, Backup and Migrate, Content Construction Kit (CCK), Context, Custom Breadcrumbs, Date, Diff, Features, Lightbox2, Menu Breadcrumb, Pathauto, Printer e-mail and PDF Versions, Search 404, Tagadelic, Token, Views, Views Slideshow, Webform, Wysiwyg API.

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Information current as of July 28, 2011.

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