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Instructor Seminar Series: "Undiscovered Treasures" wrap-up

November 3, 2011 by Theresa Pesavento

Theresa and John in studio

The second seminar in the Principles and Practices of Integrating Technology and Teaching series took place on Thursday, October 13th. Read more »

Two Workshops: WiscChat and Delivering Video for a Teaching Portfolio

November 24, 2009 by Chad Shorter

L&S Learning Support Services announces two separate workshops:  one on WiscChat and another on delivering video in a Teaching Portfolio.

Thursday 3 December
11 AM - 12 PM
College Library 2257

Delivering Video in a Teaching Portfolio
(Quicktime Pro and iDVD)
Friday 4 December
1-2 PM
Digital Media Center -- 425 Henry Mall
(Room 1240 of the Biotechnology center)

Seating capacity is limited and registration is required. Read more »

Instructor Training for WiscChat

October 23, 2009 by Chad Shorter

Note:  This workshop will be offered at a later date.  Please watch for further announcements.

L&S LSS presents a workshop open to instructors in the College of Letters & Science on WiscChat, an instant messaging service that can be utilized simply with a web browser or with a chat client. 

Both workshop sessions are identical and will cover hands-on technical
skills as well as a discussion of possible uses, advantages and
limitations of the tool (e.g. instruction, online office hours, student
collaboration, pandemic planning, etc.). Read more »

Wiscchat: Creating private chatrooms for course activities

September 17, 2009 by Sue Weier

Wiscchat can be an effective way to easily incorporate groupchat into your course activities.  It is important to plan carefully for groupchat activities.  You may find smaller groups more effective.  Ground rules can also make the chat more effective.

To keep non-rostered participants from entering the chatroom, we suggest that you use a private chatroom for any groupchat class activities. Read more »

Chat: Tips for use in the classroom

December 16, 2008 by Doug Worsham

A great chat, like any lesson, requires some planning beforehand, some good decisions during the class, and a little help from your friends at each step along the way. After observing a number teachers lead successful chats, we’ve compiled this list of tips on both teaching and technology, to help you make your chat sessions great. Read more »


October 12, 2005 by Sue Weier

For several years, LSS has been helping language students “chat” their way to a more extensive and spontaneous vocabulary in their chosen language. Students regularly use chat and instant messaging (IM) for recreation, so it can be a struggle to repurpose this sort of communication method for instruction. Read more »

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