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Instructional chat can open new channels to communication for you and your students.  It can also add a powerful new dynamic to activities during and outside of the scheduled class time.

LSS currently supports instructional chats with Wiscchat for foreign language classes, and is working with instructors across the College on integrating Wiscchat as a component of online interaction. Wiscchat is a campus service that provides UW netid holders with a secure and free method of Instant messaging and groupchat. Anyone with a netid can easily create chatrooms and configure them in a convenient manner.  The service is unicode-compliant, allowing input and display of multi-byte and right-to-left languages.

A new pilot project in Spring 2010 allows non-Netid chat participation through  Visit the Knowledge Base at for more information about Openchat.

Wiscchat can be used with through the web browser or with an installed desktop client. Helpdesk and knowledgebase support is available for Wiscchat.

If you're interested in increasing interaction and engagement in a large lecture class, improving confidence in your foreign language class, integrating community voices or native speakers, or if you're looking for a way to conduct office hours or other types of communication outside of class time, chat may be a good option for you. Please contact one of our consultants to learn more.


  • Foreign Language Chat Advice - A great chat, like any lesson, requires advance planning, good decisions during the class, and a little help from your friends at each step along the way. After observing a number teachers lead successful chats, we’ve compiled this list of tips on both teaching and technology, to help you make your chat sessions great.
  • DoIT Wiscchat Knowledge Base


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