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Office 365: How-To Information and Known Quirks


After you migrate, here is the big "to-do" list


Do you want to change your primary address to


Setting your vacation message (aka, "Automatic replies")

  • Log into OWA, click on the gear icon and select "Automatic replies"

  • Make the appropriate selections, choose your dates, & type in your automatic replies

  • NOTE: make sure to scroll down since there are TWO parts of the automatic reply, an inside organization message and an outside organization message

  • Select the appropriate settings and put a message in both boxes

    • NOTE: often you will need to repeatedly save the messages before they "stick"

      • sometimes adding a hard return below your messages and saving them again will make it 'stick'


Changing your account profile information

  • This is now (as of September 2015) is done in the Personal Information app/section of

  • Go to and log in with your NeID and password.

    • Search for "Personal Information" and change your Preferred Name to what you would like displayed.


Calendars in OWA

  • to open a new calendar

    • right click on "Other calendars" and select "Open calendar"

    • search for desired calendar in "From directory" box

      • you can search for people (full names) or rooms (usu. building)

  • to share your own calendar


Other known quirks

  • Forwards and forwarding

    • Whereas UW's Office 365 team initially said forwarding can't be trusted completely within Office 365, since then it appears that forwarding (even to addresses) is functioning consistently and well.

    • We still suggest that users (who choose to forward all messages to a account) set the account to save a copy in their Office 365 account.
  • OWA

    • the calendar...

      • OWA may get "stuck" on the Calendar view

        • to get off it, click on People or Apps > Contacts

    • when writing new messages in a pop-out window

      • sometimes OWA does not supply a place to type your message

        • Resize the new email window and it should open to normal size

    • signatures and automatic replies

      • often signatures and automatic reply messages do not save when you try to add them

      • double-check after saving and make sure your signature or replies save

      • Quirk Alert: repeatedly saving the signature or replies and/or adding a return below them and saving will usually resolve the issue

    • If you have another Office 365 account with another institution (e.g., UW-Milwaukee, UW-Eau Claire, etc.), be aware that after typing your NetID and password at and clicking on your NetID password (sometimes even a Service Account!) you will sometimes be logged into your O365 email account at the other institution. This behavior is likely related to cookies in your browser.

      • logging into a browser in incognito or private browsing mode will usually resolve the redirect issue


  • Mail app on Macs (esp. OS X 10.10)

    • after setting up your new Office 365 Wiscmail account, there is a long delay in mail showing up

      • to resolve, open the Mail app and go to Mail > Preferences > General, and change the "Check for new messages:" option to "Every minute" or (if your account is larger than 5 GB) "Every 5 minutes"

      • the "Automatically" setting doesn't always check regularly and some people have seen delays up to two hours



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