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L&S LessonShare 1.0: Add a new user

December 19, 2012 by Sue Weier

This page applies to the Dutch, Classics, English 201, English Literature, French, German, Italian and Russian Lessonshare websites.  It does not apply to the African, Statistics, or English 100 Lessonshares.  Directions for adding a user to African, Statistics, or English 100 Lessonshares can be found at

LessonShare users with an administrative role can now create and maintain users through their website.  No intervention by LSS staff is required. Users in the administrative role will also receive an email when a student logs into the website without a pre-existing account, or when a new account doesn't have an appropriate role.

New users: 

Navigate to the Add user page (Administer -> User Management -> Users -> Add user).  At the top you'll see a short explanation of the fields that need to be filled out for new users, as shown below:

Important notes:

  1. As stated above, the Password and Confirm password fields can be disregarded completely. The password fields do not apply when using your NetID and your usual password to log in.
  2. The Roles area must be set with a valid role. By default, users can not see any content on the site. Most accounts should have the Site_user role.

Email Notifications:

Those in the dept_admin role will receive an email notification in the following scenarios:

  • Someone logs into the website with their NetID, but they don't have a pre-existing Drupal account. In this case, a message will appear to the user, notifying him or her that they don't have access and that the LessonShare Coordinator has been emailed.
  • Someone creates an account, but doesn't set a Role.

To address the above scenarios, follow the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to the user list. Click Administer -> User management -> Users
  2. Click the edit link for the individual you are editing.
  3. To set a role, check one of the options in the Roles section. Most users should have the Site_user role.
  4. To delete an account for someone that shouldn't have access, scroll to the bottom and click the Delete button.

Note that once someone's NetID is made inactive, about six months after they leave the UW, their access will cease.


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