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Cobain backup software: Configuring for automated backup

May 31, 2012 by Sara Nagreen

You can see Cobain is installed via the Cobain icon in the task bar.  (In this case it is a mushroom.  In future versions, it may look different)

Right click on that and choose Open to change the configurations.

If you wish to do a manual backup, choose instead Run all Tasks Now!

If you chose Open, you'll see this screen

If you don't already have a task here, click to this other page for instructions on how to create a task.

If you'd like to edit your current task, right click your task, then choose edit task.

To change WHAT is being backed or WHERE, click on the files item on the left.

To change WHEN the backup automatically executes click on the schedule item

Click Okay when you are done adjusting your task.

If you wish to run it after you change it, select the task and right click it.

Choose Run Selected Task Now. Do not click Shutdown Computer unless you'd like your machine to automatically shutdown after the program finishes your backup.

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