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Collaborative Sites: Format your Content

January 31, 2012 by webintern

Basic formatting icons are available in the editor to help you arrange your post and make it more readable. The icons are similar to those in Microsoft Word or GoogleDocs. You'll see this sort of editor in the Collaborative Sites and L&S Sites services.  There may be some variation in available icons.

Below you can see the icons available in your site.  Use the numbers below each bracketed set of icons to see the definition and examples.


1. Font Formatting: bold, italics, underline, strikeout: Select the text, then click the appropriate icon to see the formatting.

2. Alignment: left, center, right, full: Select the text, then click the appropriate icon to see the formatting.

3. Lists: bulleted, numbered: Select the text, then click the appropriate icon to see the formatting.

4. Outdent/Indent: select the text, then click the appropriate icon to shift paragraph in or out

5. Link: insert links (URLs, Anchors, E-mail)

To Create a Link:

  • Select the text
  • Click the Insert/Edit Link Icon
  • Enter the URL, Anchor, or E-mail of the link destination
  • Select a target (how you would like the new screen to appear - same window, new window, popup, etc)
  • Enter a descriptive name for the link
  • Click OK

To Break or Remove a Link:

  • Select the highlighted link text
  • Click the Unlink icon. Link will then be removed
  • To delete link text, highlight link and press delete on keyboard.


6. Anchors: Anchors allow you to create a link within a single page. This is often used to create a page menu at the top of the page, with terms that jump down to the appropriate section

To Create an Anchor Tag:

  • Select the target text
  • Click the Anchor icon
  • Enter an appropriate name

To Create a Link to the Anchor:

  • Select the test that the user will be clicking on
  • Click the insert/edit link icon
  • In the URL field, enter the pound (#) sign, followed by the anchor name. Ex: #tests, where tests is the anchor name


7. Images: Upload or link to an image

 To Link to a Photo on Another Website:

  • Click the Picture Icon
  • Enter the image URL and provide a description for the image
  • Click Insert
  • Adjust other fields if needed (sizing, border, alignment)

To Upload a Photo:

Under the box for adding and editing text, you have the option to either Add Images - Auto Image (images will be automatically be sized and placed) or Add Image - Image Insert (you control image).

  • Click either Add Image - Auto Image or Add Image - Image Insert
  • Choose desired image
  • Click Upload
  • If Auto Image was selected, simply click save when ready to publish
  • If Image Insert was selected, choose the desired size of your image,
  • Click Insert

8. Block Quote: separates a longer quote from the rest of the text. Select desired text and click the Block Quote icon.

9. Paste from Microsoft Word and add Special Characters: copy & paste text from word or add in special characters to your text.

10. Format: allows you to edit sizing and font of text.

11. Table: insert a table - can specify number of rows and columns, click OK. Can then edit in text box. 

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