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Configuring the CSB email reporting feature

August 27, 2012 by Sue Weier

The CSCR Builder application provides the option of grade reports emailed to the instructor.  To take advantage of this feature, there are a few steps that must be taken before the project is exported for the web.

Configuring your application

Here are the steps to configure the CSCR Builder application to use email reporting.

1. Open CSCR Builder on your computer.
2. Open a project that you're working on.
3. Click the Settings button.
4. In the Report URL field, type .
5. Click Get Token. If prompted for for an application, select a web browser in the list. That will open the Report URL. (If you have any problems with the "Get Token" button, just open the Report URL in a browser.)
6. Type your full email address where it says "Enter email address". Then click Start.
7. A page will appear with a token at the bottom. Copy the token and paste it into the Report Token field in CSCR Builder.
8. Click Save Settings.

Once you've set this up, the token will not change. It is stored with the email reporting application. However, if the CSCR project is transferred to someone else, he or she will have to go through this same process to get a new token for their email address.

If you're applying the a new email reporting server URL to a CSCR project that has already been saved, you'll have to open the project, make the changes and resave. 

If you are applying a new email reporting server URL to a project that has already been published, you'll have to open the original project, make the changes, re-save the project, export the project, and re-upload it.


If you need assistance with the Email reporting feature for CSCR Builder, contact Sue Weier ( for help.

If you need assistance with CSCR Builder, try the following resources:



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