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Digital Learning Lab: Putting files on your iPod

August 6, 2009 by Chad Shorter

The image indicates Digital Language Lab files that can be put easily on your iPod. 

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the Digital Learning Lab site:
  2. Click on the image just before the listing for your course.
  3. The Launch Application dialog box will appear.  Select iTunes and click OK.
  4. In iTunes, find your new podcast (the heading for your course's media files) and click on the triangle just before the podcast's name.  A list of the media files for your course should appear below the heading. 
  5. You can click on "Get" beside individual files or "Get All" to transfer the media files into your iTunes.
  6. Enter your login and password at the prompt.  (Login and password are only available from your instructor.) 
  7. Connect your iPod to your computer and select it when it appears in iTunes.
  8. Select the Podcasts tab.
  9. You can automatically update the podcasts playlist on your iPod by selecting "Sync."  This will update your iPod's podcasts to match the podcasts you currently have in your iTunes.
  10. You can also add podcasts manually by deslecting "Sync" and dragging the podcasts from your iTunes playlist to your iPod icon (listed under Devices in the window on the far left of iTunes).
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