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FlipCamera UltraHD: Start to finish

August 31, 2010 by Antonella Caloro

You’ve checked out a Flip Camera Ultra HD. See the pdf posted below for complete instructions.

The case contains the following items, needed for using the camera:

  • Camera
  • Power Adapter -- to plug the camera in an electic outlet for recharging (you need to use the extension USB cable, as well).
  • Extension USB cable – to connect to a computer to transfer saved video files, or to connect the camera to the computer to recharge.
  • Small tripod.
  • QuickStart Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: With the built-in 8GB memory on the Flip Camera Ultra HD you can record:

  • 2 hours of HD video
FlipCamera UltraHD Easy Guide.pdf211.57 KB
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