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H2 Audio Recorders: Start to finish

January 25, 2010 by Sue Weier

You’ve checked out an H2 audio recorder. The case contains the following items, needed for using the recorder:

  • Recorder

  • Power supply
  • SD card – 4 GB, should already be in the recorder
  • Usb cable – to connect to a computer to transfer saved audio files, or to use as a microphone on the computer.
  • Desk stand – this is a 3-footed stand which screws into the bottom of the recorder.
  • Microphone stand adapter – this stand also screws into the bottom of the recorder, and is used when a conventional microphone stand or clip is available.
  • Ear buds – patron may prefer to use your own headphones/earbuds

  • Audio cable –to connect the H2 to a stereo system
  • Wind screen – for outdoor use, to screen the background sounds when recording outside.

The recorder can use two AA alkaline batteries in place of the power supply. The batteries are not supplied with the camera, but must be purchased by the patron.

Basic recording with the H2

  1. Turn the H2 on using the Power switch on the side.
  2. If you see a message saying "No Card", locate the SD card included with the H2 and insert it into the SD card slot in the bottom of the unit.
  3. Configure the mic pattern and input levels, if you are not using the default settings.  For more explanation of the configuration possibilities visit or open the H2 user manual attached to this page.  Adjusting microphone patterns and recording levels can provide better clarity in your final recording. 
  4. Press the REC key to enter recording standby. You are not yet recording.  Make any final adjustments.
  5. To begin recording, press the REC key again. 
  6. To stop recording press the REC key again.
  7. Press the Play button to check the recording.  Audio files are saved in WAV format.  If you wish to convert the WAV files to MP3 on the H2, see below.
  8. Turn the H2 off when finished.

Saving audio from the H2 to a computer

  1. Use the USB cable to attach to the computer.
  2. Select the Storage option on the H2 screen.
  3. Copy the audio files to your computer or USB drive.

Convert audio to MP3 on the H2

You can convert your WAV file to MP3 format right on the H2. This is a popular format for audio on the internet because of the high quality and small file size.

  1. Press the Menu button to get to the top menu of the H2.
  2. Move the cursor to File, using the fast forward button. Select file with the red Record button.
  3. Select the desired WAV file.
  4. Select MP3 Encode.
  5. Select the bitrate if you wish to change it from the displayed value.
  6. Select Encode to start converting the file. The file will have the same name, with the MP3 extension.
  7. Pages 36 and 55 of the manual provide more detailed explanations, if you have questions about recording in or converting to MP3.

Advanced use 

The H2 allows the patron to make many adjustments and enhancements to the audio as it records. It can also be used as a microphone on a computer. To learn more about how to use the H2, consult the instructional videos and manuals at

H2_user_manual.pdf2.2 MB
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