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H2 Handy Recorder: Start to finish

February 4, 2010 by Doug Worsham

H2 Handy Recorder


The H2 is a versatile and popular recording device that allows
instructors to quickly and easily record digital audio. It has four
internal microphones that make it a great choice for recording

Common uses

  • recording oral assessment exams
  • recording interviews
  • recording instructional podcasts and other instructional audio
  • portable audio recording

Essential Information

  • Recording Button - the recording button on the H2 has three modes:
    • Press once to test your audio levels
    • Press a second time to record
    • Press a third time to stop
  • Power and Battery life - The H2 can run on AA batteries, or with the included power adapter. We recommend using the power adapter whenever possible.
  • Speaker placement and microphones - Be sure to place speakers correctly, and select the correct microphone pattern. See diagram below.


Turn on the H2 by sliding the power switch on the side of the device to the ON position. Optionally, plug in the power adapter.

Turn on the H2
Position people for your recording, and use the single arrow buttons to select the appropriate microphone pattern.

Microphone pattern selection on the H2 handy recorder

  • One speaker: Place speaker in front of H2 and choose the FRONT 90° pattern
  • Conversation/Interview - 2 people: Place speakers on either side of H2 and choose the Surround 2 CH pattern
  • Conversation/Interview - 3 people: Place one person in front of the H2 and 2 people behind the H2. Choose the Surround 2 CH pattern.  
  • Panel discussion: Place speakers behind H2. Choose the Rear 120° pattern

Mic patterns and speaker placement for H2 handy recorder


Press the Record Button once to test recording levels

  • When testing levels, you are not recording. The Play-Record indicator light will blink to indicate that you are testing levels, but not recording.

Play/Rec indicator light (blinking light indicates that your are testing, not recording)

  • To adjust the recording levels, speak normally and use the REW / FF  buttons to set your levels

Rev and FFWD on H2

  • The levels (or Input signal level) is indicated by the black bars on the display. These bars should peak somewhere around -12 db. For the best recording quality, levels should should not exceed 0 db.

Levels on the H2

Press the Record Button a second time to start your recording.

  • When recording the [PLAY/REC] indicator on the front panel is lit in red, and the counter on the display indicates the progress of the recording.

Play/Rec indicator light (steady light indicates that your are recording)

Press the Record Button a third time to stop recording.

  • Note that every time you stop the recording you have created a separate file.
  • When recording, the record light will be steady and the recording time on the bottom of the screen will tick down
  • The remaining recording time always appears at the bottom of your screen.                       


Verify that you are not recording. If recording, press the stop button.

Attach Headphones to H2 (the headphone jack is located on the left side of the recorder).

Select the file you would like to listen to by pressing the REW/FF keys.

Rev and FFWD on H2

Press the (PLAY/PAUSE) key to play your file.

Press the PLAY/PAUSE button again to pause playback.  

Transferring your recordings to a computer

Verify that you are not recording. If recording, press the stop button.

Turn off the H2.

Turn on the computer.

Connect the H2 to the computer using the USB cord. This menu will appear on the H2:

H2 choice - storage device or audio interface

(NOTE: The display may be dim)

Make sure that the cursor is pointing to "STORAGE" (if not, use the arrow keys to select “STORAGE”)

Press the REC button.

The H2 will connect to the computer and the display this screen:

On your computer, find the H2 icon. It is likely to be on the desktop. It may be called "Untitled."

Open the folder called FOLDER 01.

Copy the desired file(s) from the H2 FOLDER 01 to a folder on your computer.

H2 User Manual (PDF)2.2 MB
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