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H2 Recorders: Using them as USB microphones

February 27, 2012 by Janelle Peifer

The H2 recorder available in the AV Pool and Infolab not only works as a stand alone recorder, but also as a USB microphone for programs like Audacity. This can save time and trouble in transferring the files and dealing with space limitations on the H2 itself. There are however a few quick steps you need to follow to use the H2 in this mode.

  1. Connect the H2 with the USB cord to the computer.
  2. Power on the H2 - ensure you have constant power either through charged batteries or the AC adapter.
  3. Select Menu > USB > AUDIO I/F > CONNECT  - You should now see the Audio Input monitor on the screen.
  4. The on-screen display shows you the audio levels. If you press menu you will have new options for recording modes. The default settings are best for speech.
  5. Open Audacity, QuickTime 7 or similar program on your computer.
  6. In Audacity, go to preferences and select Input Device. The H2 should appear as an option. If not, make sure it is connected and in USB mode then restart Audacity.
  7. In QuickTime 7, select the H2 as the input source under Preferences > Recording > Microphone, then open a new audio recording. If the H2 does not appear, make sure it is connected and in USB mode then restart QuickTime 7.
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