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Kodak Zx1: Start to finish

December 28, 2009 by Doug Worsham

Kodak Zx1

Essential Information

  • Capture in VGA mode: We highly recommend capturing video in VGA mode (also called "Standard Definition" mode). Recording in VGA creates files that are smaller in size and easier to use with editing software. Recording in VGA also allows you to record more video on the included memory card:
    • VGA mode (SD): more than 90 minutes of recording time
    • High Definition mode (HD): less than 45 minutes of recording time
  • Power and Battery life: We highly recommend using the included AC adapter to plug the camera into the wall. Although the included batteries typically last for over an hour of recording time, battery life may vary, and the safest approach is to use the included AC adatper. Extension cords are available from the AV Pool. Note that the camera is only compatible with the included Kodak rechargeable batteries.

Recording Video

1. Recommended: Open the plastic flap on the side of the camera and attach the included AC adapter. Plug the other end into a wall outlet. Use an extension cord if necessary. Use the included power adapter
2. Turn on the camera by pressing the On button on the side of the camera.  Turn on the Zx1
3. Recommended: Set the camera to VGA mode. Press the right arrow button until "VGA" appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. Set camera to VGA

4. Press the large red button to start recording. When you are recording, the recording indicator will appear in the top left corner of the screen. You will also see the total recording time in the top right corner of the screen.

5. Press the large red button again to stop recording.

Record Zx1

Playback/Delete Videos

Press the "Review" button to enter playback/review mode.

Use the right/left arrow keys to select a video.

  • Press the large red button to Play/Pause your video.
  • Use the up/down arrow keys to adjust volume.
  • Press the red square to stop playback.
  • Press the red "trash can" to delete a video.

Transferring files to a computer

Where can I transfer the files?

  • Your office computer or laptop
  • The Van Hise Learning Lab
  • The Van Hise InfoLab

How do I do it?

Macintosh OS:

 1. Use the included USB cable to attach the camera to a computer.  

 2. The camera will mount two drives on your computer:

  • Arcsoft SW - ignore this one!
  • No Name - this is where you find your files!

3. Double click on "No name" to open.

4. Double click on the "DCIM" folder to open.

5. Your video files will be stored in one of the folders within the DCIM folder. You may have to open mutliple folders to find the right video files.

6. Copy the video files to the computer.

Windows XP:

Note - In order to transfer files using Windows, you must install software included on the camera. In order to install this software, you may need to have administrator access to your computer.

1. Use the included USB cable to attach the camera to the computer

2. A dialog box should appear, asking "What do you want Windows to do?" Click "Launch (or install) Kodak camera software using the program provided on this device" and then click OK

3. Follow the directions to continue installing the software on your computer. Be careful: the program will ask to become the default program for many file types during the installation process. More than likely, you do not want this.

4. When the Arcsoft Media Impression Software loads, click the "Import" icon to import video files from the camera to the computer.

5. For help using the Arcsoft Media Impression software, click the "Extras" menu in the top right corner of the screen, then click "Help."

Kodak Zx1 User Guide1.18 MB
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