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LSS Mobile Initiative

LSS ipad

L&S Learning Support Services is the recipient of an Engage Impact Award to design, implement and evaluate sets of instructional innovations using a fast-deploy set of Apple iPads.  The kit is now available for instructors to use with students for class projects during the 2011-2012 academic year.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how you might use this mobile technology in your classroom or if you would like meet to share your own experience with instructional mobile technology!


Collaborative Bookmarking - Using our iPad kit as a "micro-network" makes it possible for groups to share links and web resources in real-time.  View this page to learn how this feature might help facilitate a group research activity in your class.  Collaborative Bookmarking

Creating and Using QR Codes - A QR (quick response) code is scannable barcode matrix that can redirect to web content, send SMS text messages, or display a written message.  See the Educause 7 things you should know about QR Codes for more information

Media Arts Production - The iPad has an integrated set of tools to facilitate quick and seamless media assignments. 



Why Mobile Computing?

Integrating mobile devices into your curriculum can help foster engagement and allow students to experience learning in new ways.  At LSS we are excited to begin working with instructors to rethink task design using the iPad2 in the classroom and beyond.  

Mobile Data Collection

Facilitate collaborative group research in the classroom and beyond by harnessing the iPad’s tools for collecting and sharing resources in real-time.

Assign real-time group research project or conduct a brainstorming session

Apps: iCloud, Safari, iPhoto, Camera, GoogleDocs

Mobile Media Creation

Opportunity: Transform written assignments into multimedia projects. Employ grassroots media production with the iPad’s integrated capture, editing and share features.    

Examples: Produce multi-media in an authentic context, such as collaborative photo essays, student-produced podcasts

Camera, iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto

Mobile Presentation

Opportunity: Rethink student presentations by leveraging the iPad’s multi-media presentation features and light, unobtrusive infrastructure.  

Examples: Present research outside the classroom in a realistic environment, enhance informal or free form group discussions

Apps: Keynote, Safari, iTunes, Skype 

Media Consumption

Opportunity: Re-imagine classroom meetings by creating and/or sharing media-rich instructional materials for consumption on the iPad.  

Examples: Multimedia lecture material, podcasts, web resources, integrate short video clips into small-group discussions

Apps: iTunes U, Safari, YouTube, Mobile UW

Augmented Reality

Opportunity: Take the classroom into a realistic environment and explore course concepts in an authentic context using the iPad as a guide.

Examples: Interactive stories & case scenarios, enhanced walking tours, situated documentaries, mobile games  

Apps: Google Maps, ARIS, Key to Woody Plants of Wisconsin Forests, QR Scanner











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