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Facilities improvements: AV Pool and 286 classroom

August 27, 2014 by Theresa Pesavento

Facilities improvements: AV Pool and 286 classroom

Welcome back to campus, and we have some LSS facilities improvements in store for you. Here on 2nd floor Van Hise, we've had a busy summer of construction making updates to our AV Pool and instructional spaces. These updates are part of a planned 3-year, multi-phase remodel project designed to better serve our patrons.

The AV Pool is now in its permanent location in 259a, just next to the Learning Lab near the stairwell. It has been moved from its temporary location in 286 into its remodeled, spacious, and centrally located new room. This move is Phase 2 of a project that aims to centralize instructor support in the 259 block to create an instructional resource space that includes the AV Pool, the Learning Lab, drop-in instructional tech troubleshooting support, and study and active learning spaces. Stay tuned for Phase 3 of the project in the next year!

The AV Pool will open on Tuesday, September 2nd. Hours during the semester are 8:30am - 4pm, M-F.

286 is now an active learning classroom space that accommodates a group of 24 students at modular pod tables of six. 286 is equipped with 24 Macbook pros (stored in a computer cart) that may be used when desired. The room is also equipped with a 90" whiteboard/projection screen, two regular whiteboards, and an instructor cart with a computer. Additionally, ad hoc videoconferencing capabilities can be enabled upon consultation with our Classroom Technologies team. 286 is anticipated to come online in October 2014.

There is signage in the elevators and near the 2nd floor stairwell that will help you navigate to the new AV Pool location, and we are always here to help, if you need further assistance finding your way. We hope that you will enjoy the benefits of our redesigned facilities!

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