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E-Text for Grad Student Professional Development

November 16, 2016 by Lane Sunwall

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Developing Your Web Presence

University and private-sector employers are increasingly utilizing the internet to vet potential employees. Thus cultivating a web presence that is professional, informative, and positive, is increasingly essential to securing employment after graduate school. There are a number of steps for establishing a "professional web presence." These range from simply taking down public pictures of you at the last party all the way to curating your own website. Lane Sunwall, Ph.D. candidate in the History Department, and Learning Technologies Teaching Assistant at the College of Letters & Science Learning Support Services - is able to explain the process more fully. He has put together a comprehensive guide that explains some key principles to ensure your professional qualifications are readily found online.

The guide will explore how to. . .

  1. Take control of your web presence
  2. Promote your professional qualifications online more effectively
  3. Build a well-designed website with minimal effort


Full text is available in Pressbooks -


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