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New mini video cameras in the L&S AV Pool: Kodak Zi6

March 30, 2009 by Doug Worsham

Kodak Zi6The Kodak Zi6, a highly portable, easy to use video camera, is now available for checkout in the L&S AV Pool. We're excited to see the many ways instructors will use these cameras to support teaching and learning.

Ritt Deitz helped us pilot test the Zi6 by using the camera to provide detailed feedback on student presentations in his French 623 class. He was impressed with the Zi6's small size and ease of use:

"This semester [LSS] set me up to use a teeny little Kodak Zi6, a wonderful little video camera that looks like a digital camera. That, on a tripod, is all one needs. I shoot the presentation, take it off the tripod and haul it back to my office (the thing must weigh ounces), hook it up to my computer via USB, and [transfer the] Quicktime file.... I highly recommend that teaching colleagues try this in their various classes."

In addition to filming student presentations, the Zi6 provides a simple solution for creating your own instructional videos, filming interviews, creating a teaching portfolio, or recording events and guest speakers.

Want to make a video? Drop by the AV Pool, and we'll show you how to get started with the Zi6.

Have ideas on how the Zi6 can be used to support teaching and learning? Please share your ideas and success stories in the comments.

The L&S AV Pool
provides a wide range of audio, video,
and computer equipment to all faculty, staff, and graduate teaching
assistants teaching in Van Hise Hall. Some portable equipment is also
available to L&S instructors and staff for instructional use in
other campus buildings. All borrowers, including faculty, must be
registered with us and present a valid UW ID to use AV Pool Equipment.
Equipment is available for short-term, instructional use only.

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