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New DVDs available for checkout from the Media Collection

November 5, 2009 by Mary Prochniak

LSS has recently acquired DVDs in the following languages and topics:

Arabic, South Asia, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Tamil, and General Interest (see Interdepartmental category).

The new DVDs are available for checkout in the the LSS Media Collection, 259 Van Hise Hall. Here is a list:


Under the Bombs  AR2.029

Asia, South   

Allhabad's Mela  AS2.059


Red Cliff  CH2.085.001
Red Cliff II  CH2.086        


The Country Teacher    CZ2.011


Alles is liefde DU2.001.042


Born in 68 FR2.059.270
A Christmas Tale FR2.059.272
Entre les murs FR2.059.263        
Le huitieme FR2.059.271
Martyrs FR2.059.265    
Paris 36 FR2.059.266    
A Secret FR2.059.267         
Tell No One FR2.059.268        


Fraulein GR2.106.411    
Wunder von Bern, Das GR2.106.410        


Exodus HE2.038   
Kedma HE2.042
Metallic Blues HE2.039   
Munich HE2.040       
O Jerusalem HE2.043   
Waltz With Bashir HE2.041   

Interdepartmental (General Interest)

1492: Conquest of Paradise ID2.175        
Black Robe ID2.176        
Treasures of the Sunken City ID2.165       
Voyage from Antiquity ID2.174   


Cento Passi, I IT2.007.170
Gomorrah IT2.007.171
Italian Film Festival 2006 My Best enemy; Along the ridge IT2.007.160   
Italian Film Festival 2006 Quo Vadis, Baby ; Mario's War     IT2.007.161
Italian Film Festival 2006 Days of Abadonment/The beast in the heart IT2.007.162  
Italian Film Festival 2006 Viva Zapatero The Caiman IT2.007.163    
Italian Film Festival 2006 Marcello The land IT2.007.164   
Italian Film Festival 2006 disc 6 Crime Novel IT2.007.165   
Love Meetings IT2.007.166   
Malena IT2.007.172
Monster, The  IT2.007.169
Oedipus Rex IT2.007.167     
Porcile IT2.007.168


Tokyo! JA2.062   


Day Break PE2.056.001    
Fear  PE2.054.001
Voice of the Reed PE1.011.001   


Katyn     PL2.006.072


Paraguayan War PG2.015.099   


12 RU2.020.199


Bread & Roses SP2.073.511
Che: el argentino SP2.073.513
Cosas que defe en la habana     SP2.073.512
Edad de la peseta, La SP2.073.514
Juegos de Guerra SP2.073.511   
Pope's Toilet, The SP2.073.515    
Rec SP2.073.516   
Rudo y Cursi SP2.073.520
Sin nombre SP2.073.517   
Viva cuba SP2.073.518   
Window, The     SP2.073.519


Meylana Jalaluddin Rumi TK1.010    


Abhiyum Naanum TM2.007   
Autograph TM2.006    
Dindigul Sarathy TM2.008       
Naan Kadavul TM2.009        

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