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Two Workshops: WiscChat and Delivering Video for a Teaching Portfolio

November 24, 2009 by Chad Shorter

L&S Learning Support Services announces two separate workshops:  one on WiscChat and another on delivering video in a Teaching Portfolio.

Thursday 3 December
11 AM - 12 PM
College Library 2257

Delivering Video in a Teaching Portfolio
(Quicktime Pro and iDVD)
Friday 4 December
1-2 PM
Digital Media Center -- 425 Henry Mall
(Room 1240 of the Biotechnology center)

Seating capacity is limited and registration is required.

WiscChat is an instant messaging service that can be utilized simply with a web browser or with a chat client.  The workshop will cover hands-on technical skills as well as a discussion of possible uses, advantages and limitations of the tool (e.g. instruction, online office hours, student collaboration, pandemic planning, etc.).

Open to all college instructors (faculty, staff, TAs).  Seating capacity is limited.  Registration is required.  Please contact Chad Shorter ( to reserve your place. 

Delivering Video in a Teaching Portfolio
(Quicktime Pro and iDVD)
This workshop will cover using QuickTime (Pro) and iDVD to deliver the video portion of a Teaching Portfolio.  These concepts build off of the workshop on obtaining useful video footage for a portfolio, but attendance at the previous workshop is not a prerequisite. 

The workshop is open to all college instructors (faculty, staff, and  TAs).

Work stations are limited.  Registration is required.  Email Chad Shorter -- -- to make a reservation.

Covered in the workshop:
 * Simple editing (trimming) of a sample video in QuickTime (PRO).
 * Creating a menu and putting video clips on a DVD with iDVD.
 * Discussion of strategies for what to include, balancing professionalism and personalization, and avoiding potential technical pitfalls.
 * Suggestions for other tools and resources.

Materials you need to bring:  None.
Sample video files will be provided and we won't actually write a DVD in this workshop.

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