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Truly Yours, the Learning Lab!

February 9, 2010 by Antonella Caloro

Truly Yours, the Learning Lab!

Considered by many students to be one of their favorite studying spots, the Learning Lab in 259 Van Hise has recently undergone some small, but significant, changes.

First, a new real  wall has been built between the Learning Lab and room 259A, providing students studying in the Learning Lab a more acoustically insulated space. Previously, louder sounds from classes in 259A could be heard in the Learning Lab.

Second, the Learning Lab has been equipped with newer and faster laptops. It is even better now to watch assigned course material from the Digital Learning Lab on one of the eight computer stations. Furthermore, thanks to Audacity software, students can practice their foreign language skills and record their voices for oral assignments.

The new laptops also allow patrons to chat with friends overseas through Skype, and the handy web cameras allow chatters to see each other. Patrons can also use VLC (Video Lan Client) software to watch movies from other countries.

In addition to the new construction and laptops, don’t forget about all of the new foreign film DVDs available for three day checkout! Just check the bulletin board outside of the Learning Lab for a preview of new DVDs.

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