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Classroom Video Recording Options

March 1, 2010 by Jonathan Klein

Kodak Zi6

At LSS we aim to stay current with new technologies and make updated equipment available to L&S instructional staff.  With the addition of several new video technologies comes a policy change. 

We now have several options to help L&S instructional staff produce quality video recordings of their class.  Whether the video is required for evaluation purposes or needed as part of a teaching portfolio, we can meet your needs.

If you need a video recording for evaluation purposes, we have two solutions:

Self Record: “Shoot-and-Share Camcorder” 

The AV Pool in 275 Van Hise has several Kodak-Zi6 or Kodak-Zx1 camcorders available for check out.  The Zi6 and Zx1 are easy to use camcorders -- no confusing dials or advanced settings.  Just put the camera on a tripod and hit record.

When your class is finished, bring the camera to the LSS Special Projects Lab in 287 Van Hise where a computer is specially equipped to transfer your video files to a DVD*.  If your video requires editing, please contact LSS staff in 299 Van Hise to discuss a video editing solution that suits your needs.

Self-Record: MiniDV Camcorder

If you need a camcorder with more advanced features like a zoom lens, audio input and exposure controls, the AV pool has a Canon ZR900 camcorder available.  The ZR900 records to MiniDV tape.  Video can easily be transferred from the tape to a DVD* with help from staff in 299 Van Hise.  Transfer time ranges from two hours to one business day depending upon the availability of equipment.  Again, consult LSS staff in 299 Van Hise to discuss video editing options if needed.

If your goal is to produce a high quality video for a teaching portfolio and neither of the options above meet your needs, LSS offers another option.

In previous semesters LSS Media Services staff were available to produce one complimentary teaching portfolio video per instructor, per semester.  Due to growing demand for production services, we encourage instructional staff to utilize a self-recording option.

However, if you need assistance getting a high quality video for your portfolio, LSS staff are available to produce in-class video recordings at a discounted L&S rate of $10 per hour**.  To schedule a portfolio video production contact David Macasaet (  A two week advance notice is requested.

*DVD’s are available in 299 Van Hise $3 each for patrons who do not wish to bring their own.
** Applies to in-class production time.

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