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A Path to Smoother Class Presentations

March 5, 2010 by Chad Shorter

How many times have you seen students put so much work into a
presentation, only to have trouble projecting, or a compatabilty problem
with their Power Point file?  Even if completely ready to present
their information, they probably weren't prepared to deal with
technical difficulties.

Presentation day can be a learning
opportunity for students on multiple levels if they are also responsible
for the technical aspects of the delivery of their presentations. 
However, there are some measures the instructor can take to help smooth
the way.  Here are three tips for helping students prepare for in-class

  • Be clear (ahead of time) about how the
    presentations will be delivered. For example, will students bring thumb
    drives and use an instructor laptop? If so, have they saved their
    presentations in a compatible format? 
  • Help students plan for
    their equipment needs (e.g., do students with macs have the necessary
    video adapter?) ....
  • Have a troubleshooting plan.  If students
    are using their own computers, make sure they are familiar with
    troubleshooting techniques for their operating system and model of
    computer.  If you are using an AV Pool computer, be sure to print out the
    troubleshooting guide and have it on hand on presentation day.

For more tips, detailed information for students, and other advice,
check out our how-to guide for organizing multiple presentations. You can also contact a consultant on the
L&S Learning Support Services staff for more assistance.

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