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Engage Awards: Excellent Opportunity to Innovate with your Students

April 14, 2010 by Doug Worsham

The Engage Awards are back with another excellent opportunity for you and your students to innovate together.

Engage offers funding and support for instructors to explore new ground with their teaching. Then, based on instructor and student surveys, Engage evaluates the results and disseminates findings to campus.

The theme for 2010-2011 is timely - Digital Media Assignments:

In a digital media assignment students demonstrate their learning of course content through the creation of multimedia learning objects using video, audio, still images and text. Examples of digital media assignments might involve students creating
short video documentaries, digital stories, audio and enhanced podcasts,
"digital essays", and other types of multimedia presentations. (adapted from the Engage website)

For an example of a compelling digital media assignment, check out this short video produced by a student in Jane Zuengler's Global Spread of English class. In this video, the student uses a mix of interviews, news and media coverage, still images, music, maps, and text to explore cultural and linguistic issues in the U.S. and France.

To produce the video, the student not only dove into the topic itself, but also gained experience with media production and fair use and copyright guidelines. At the same time, the student demonstrates a range of story-telling and narrative techniques that are increasingly relevant in our society, but not commonly found in the typical 8-10 page essay project.


The Fight Against Linguistic Hegemony Video


Want to learn more? Engage's Digital Media Assignments website offers an extensive (and growing) collection of resources, including:

Here are at L&S LSS, we're very excited about working with Engage - and with you - on Digital Media Assignments in the coming year.

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