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No-Cost Professional Audio Recording Available

April 19, 2010 by Jonathan Klein

No-Cost Professional Audio Recording  Available


LSS is pleased to offer a new addition to our list of free and low cost audio recording options for L&S instructors, staff and graduate teaching assistants.  Our Zoom H4n digital audio recorder is our newest no-cost solution for self-recording podcasts and other instructional content.

The Zoom H4n makes producing your own digital audio easy and higher quality than ever before. The integrated microphone system makes for no-hassle set up and the easy to use interface will allow your main focus to remain on your material. The device even lets you mark tracks and edit your recording on the fly.

A key to beautiful sounding audio is finding a quiet place to record, so we encourage instructors in the College of L&S to reserve our sound-proof studio located in 246 Van Hise.  The sample recordings below demonstrate the quality of our professionally equipped recording studio (nominal fee) compared to a studio recording with the Zoom H4n. 

How was this file recorded?
How was this file recorded?

Please contact an LSS consultant with questions about instructional audio production.


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