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New DVDs Available

June 22, 2010 by Mary Prochniak

LSS has recently acquired DVDs in the following languages and topics:

Arabic, Czech, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, and General Interest (see Interdepartmental category).

The new DVDs are available for checkout in the LSS Learning Lab, 259 Van Hise Hall. Here is a list:

Allah Made Me Funny     AR2.031.001    
Ebn Ezz     AR2.032.001    
Fool Al Seen Al Azeem     AR2.033.001                    
Hocus Pocus     AR2.038.001    
Karkar     AR2.039.001    
Let Go     AR2.040.001    
Laila's Birthday     AR2.037.001    
She Made Me a Criminal     AR2.034.001    
Terrorism & BBQ     AR2.035.001    
West Beyrouth     AR2.036.001    

Divided We Fall     CZ2.007.001    

Oeroeg     DU2.001.044    

Land of Silence and Darkness     GR2.106.418
North Face     GR2.106.417    
Perfume     GR2.106.419    
Raja's Journey     GR2.106.415    
Steinhauer Nebraska Cycles of Gain and Loss     GR2.106.416
Tin Drum     GR2.106.012    

Baraka     ID2.180.001    
Devil Came on Horseback     ID2.178.001    
Digital Nation     ID2.179.001    

Chiedimi se sono felice     IT2.007.094    
Florile     IT2.007.176    
Incantato     IT2.007.141    
Io, l'altro     IT2.007.159    

Air Doll     JA2.066.001    
Train Man     JA2.040.001

Boutique     PE2.057.001    
Charlatan     PE2.058.001    
Children of Heaven     PE2.003.001    
Crimson Gold     PE2.024.001    
Day Break     PE2.056.001    
Few Kilos of Dates For a Funeral     PE2.061.001    
Fish Fall in Love     PE2.062.001    
Grass     PE2.063.001    
Pear Tree     PE2.064.001    

Almost Brothers     PG2.015.016    
Colossal Youth     PG2.015.102    
Ossos     PG2.015.104    
Vanda's Room     PG2.015.103    

Barrio Cuba     SP2.073.499    
Broken Embraces     SP2.073.530    
Cienaga, La     SP2.073.459    
Crude     SP2.073.532    
Dark Blue Almost Black     SP2.073.533    
Expulsados     SP2.073.534    
Girasoles ciegos     SP2.073.535    
Innocent Voices     SP2.073.485    

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