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Infolab: Flip Cameras and H2 Audio Recorders!

February 8, 2011 by Lauren Kruse

Grab a Flip Camera for easy movie-making
Need to record audio? Use an H2!

With a seemingly constant flow of people in and out of the room, the Van Hise Infolab, room 464, has become a “go-to” spot for many of UW’s students and faculty. Whether printing an assignment for class, checking the latest news updates, or simply avoiding the cold temperatures outside, the Infolab has a lot to offer its customers. In addition to housing 45 dual boot computers, equipment is available for checkout. Awesome!

A complete list of all equipment available can be found at the Infolab’s website, however, two great pieces of equipment need a little more attention and rental-lovin’ from our customers.

First, we have the Flip Camera UltraHD. This conveniently small-sized camera records video up to two hours! It is simple to use, with its zoom features and a big red record button, and would be great for recording class presentations, short clips, and interviews. When recording is finished, connect the built-in USB arm to a computer in order to upload your project!

Next, there is the H2 Audio Recorder, a gadget perfect for recording interviews or lectures. A desk stand and windscreen are also included in the bag, in order to cater to any specific recording needs. Lastly, the H2 has the ability to convert WAV files into an MP3 format on the recorder itself. Talk about efficiency!

If either of these gadgets sounds suitable to your technology needs, please come check them out in the Infolab from one of our Labbies. As always, our site is also available with how-to guides for our equipment.

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