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New Tool Helps Instructors and Students Create Case Scenarios and Critical Readers

April 5, 2011 by Doug Worsham

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Several of us here at LSS have been trying out a new tool called Case Scenario Critical Reader Builder (CSCR Builder), that was developed by the Engage program in conjunction with the UW-Madison Writing Center, College of Letters and Science and the School of Pharmacy.

The CSCR Builder is a desktop tool for creating a variety of web-based learning materials. You can combine text, images, video and audio along with embedded quiz questions and scoring to create compelling interactive critical readings, scenarios with decision branching, simulated dialogues, story-like narratives, media rich case studies and much more.

What does all that mean? In this interview, we ask Blaire Bundy, Senior Instructional Technology Consultant with DoIT Academic Technology, to tell us more about the CSCR Builder, share some notable projects, and let us in on the next steps for this flexible and powerful tool.

@UWLSS: We recently looked through an impressively diverse collection of learning modules created with Case Scenario/Critical Reader Builder (CSCR Builder). What exactly is CSCR Builder? How do you help someone new to the tool understand what it is and what it can do?

UW Madison's Blaire Bundy The CSCR Builder provides a framework for integrating multiple media elements and web resources to make your course content come alive with interactivity. Learners can interact with and explore course content, make decisions and receive corrective feedback.

Here are some examples:


@UWLSS: Have you seen any projects that surprised you?

UW Madison's Blaire BundyThe most surprising projects were student created through the Engage DMA Awards.  Dozens of students in French and Nursing were asked to create case scenarios to integrate what they were learning throughout the course.


Here is what Rebecca Muehrer, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, wrote to students to describe why Case Scenario Builder was the tool that best matched the assignment:

  1. It integrates all of the objectives of this course.
  2. It will add further relevance to the course content and help you apply it into clinical practice. You will be connecting the “academic knowledge” from the course to a simulated real world experience
  3. It will help you to take the knowledge that you have learned from this course, “explain” it to others, and give them the opportunity to make critical decisions throughout the case study.

This provided us with a unique opportunity to work with students as “authors” of their curricular materials.

@UWLSS: What’s next for CSCR Builder and how can people get started?

UW Madison's Blaire BundyCSCR Builder is currently available to instructors at UW Madison and consultants are ready to orient new users and authors to how to best use the tool to achieve their learning goals.

See for more information.



@UWLSS: Thanks Blaire! We look forward to seeing what's next with CSBCR Builder, and experimenting here at LSS as well!


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