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Instructor Seminar Series: How to join the "Online Discussions" live stream

November 15, 2011 by Theresa Pesavento

Instructor Seminar Series: How to join the "Online Discussions" live stream

"Fostering and Implementing Online Discussions: Strategies and Tips," the third seminar in the Principles and Practices of Integrating Technology and Teaching series, will be held on Thursday, November 17th from 2pm to 3pm in 7191 Helen C. White. This seminar will also be streamed live online and to 294 Van Hise.

To join this live stream from a personal computer, open Safari (Mac) or Firefox (Internet Explorer is not supported) and enter the following URL: Principles and Practices: Fostering Online Discussions. Quicktime Player and a high-speed internet connection are required. A wired high-speed connection is strongly recommended for all users, and a wired campus connection is recommended for Windows users. Note: A number of network and/or user-settings, including firewall, software, and password settings may interfere with Quicktime Streaming. If you cannot connect to the stream, please contact Theresa Pesavento to request a recorded copy.

Please come to 294 VH at the seminar time if you wish to participate in the stream from Van Hise.

Pesavento (Learning Support Services) and Chad Shorter (DoIT Academic
Technology) will present along with Todd Goddard (English Department)
and Jonathan Klein (Learning Support Services).
In "Fostering and Implementing Online Discussions," we will discuss various techniques, pedagogical goals, and web-based resources that instructors can use to incorporate online discussions into their teaching. Two case studies of courses that have successfully used online discussions will guide our session.

See the attached schedule for upcoming seminar topics, and check back at for date and time updates. Email to be added to the seminar series email list to get automatic updates and seminar news. Please RSVP to if you plan to attend the "Fostering and Implementing Online Discussions" seminar. We hope to see you there!

L&S Learning Support Services and DoIT Academic Technology invite you to join us for the seminar series Principles and Practices of Integrating Technology and Teaching. This year-long seminar series for instructors of all levels explores the
practical intersection between technology and teaching, presents various
applications for technology in and out of the classroom, and addresses the concerns, questions, and possibilities of teaching with technology.

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