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Instructor Seminar Series: "Fostering Online Discussions" wrap-up

December 8, 2011 by Theresa Pesavento

Teaching with Technology Seminar Series

"Fostering and Implementing Online Discussions," the third seminar in the Principles and Practices of Integrating Technology and Teaching series took place on Thursday, November 17th. Theresa Pesavento (L&S LSS) and Chad Shorter (DoIT Academic Technology) presented along with Todd Goddard (English Department) and Jonathan Klein (Learning Support Services). We discussed various techniques, pedagogical goals, and web-based resources that instructors can use to incorporate online discussions into their teaching. Check out the attached seminar slides and seminar outline to see what we discussed! This seminar was also streamed live online, so take a look at the recording of this live stream, if you are interested in watching the entire hour-long seminar.  

Each seminar in the series will have a short wrap-up video that revisits the main points discussed in the seminar. In studio with the LSS Media Services team of David Macasaet and Jonathan Klein, Theresa and Chad recap the "Fostering Online Discussions" seminar and preview the next seminar in the series, "Make Room for the Computer Cart?: Incorporating Teaching Technology in a Non-equipped Classroom" (spring semester).

We have three more seminars coming up in the spring, starting with "Make Room for the Computer Cart?" in early February. See the attached schedule for upcoming seminar topics, and check back at for date and time updates. Email Theresa Pesavento to be added to the seminar series email list to get automatic updates and seminar news. We hope that you will join us in the spring to participate in our next three seminars!

L&S Learning Support Services and DoIT Academic Technology invite you to join us for the seminar series Principles and Practices of Integrating Technology and Teaching. Principles and Practices of Integrating Technology and Teaching, a year-long seminar series for instructors of all levels, explores the practical intersection between technology and teaching, presents various applications for technology in and out of the classroom, and addresses the concerns, questions, and possibilities of teaching with technology.

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