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September 17, 2012 by Theresa Pesavento


Welcome back to campus and to the fall semester! With the new semester comes a handful of LSS facilities moves and service improvements to better support teaching and learning in L&S. You may have already noticed some of the changes we have made here on the 2nd floor of Van Hise, but check out all of our updates:

AV Pool (262-1678, VH 286): The AV Pool is now in VH 286. We have a new layout for the room, some great new signage, and many wonderful new student workers, too! We're here to help with your classroom technology needs in all the same ways by offering equipement, troubleshooting help, and on-site consulting, and we've added some workstations to 286 to allow much of this to happen right in the AV Pool. We hope to bring you more improvements over the next year, so let us know what else you might want to see in the AV Pool and how else we can best help. Contact with questions or feedback.

Learning Lab and Digital Learning Lab (262-8695, VH 259): In the past, students reported that they were unable to view streamingmaterials at some campus locations. This is because there are firewall rules in place that prevent the streaming. Currently streaming is successful at the following campus locations: Van Hise (rm. 259 and 464), Memorial Library Infolab, Student Activity Center, MERIT library, College Library 3rd floor, most dorms. We are always looking for new films to add to our collection. Please send any film requests to These can be materials needed to support courses or for learning and enjoyment outside of the classroom.

TechZone (262-5454, VH 274B): The TechZone moved from the 3rd floor of VH to 274B. The TechZone provides tech support for certain L&S departments that includes software and hardware installation, configuration, protection, troubleshooting and repair.  We can also assist in backup and transfer of data for new computer installations.


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