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New Campus Moodle Service Available

January 8, 2013 by Karen Tusack

New Campus Moodle Service Available

Last semester, the UW-Madison rolled out a new campus-wide service which has been offered by numerous individual schools or departments for some time and which you might have heard of, called Moodle. Moodle is now available for any timetable course.

What is Moodle? It's an open source Learning Management System that facilitates collaborative activities. You and your students can use tools like wikis and blogs to create content, forums and comments to exchange ideas, databases to collectively gather resources, glossaries to create shared understanding of concepts, tools that let students create audio assignments, and much more! You can group students in any of these activities to promote collaboration. Download this .pdf document to see all of the Moodle activites and resources available to you.

Why would you use Moodle when we already have Learn@UW available? The short answer is that Learn@UW doesn't have as many interactive and collaborative features as Moodle, and instead of using third party commercial resources (such as pbwiki or blogger) for student work, you may want a more secure and private webspace for student work. For a more detailed analysis of which LMS to might wish to choose, see

To request an L&S course in Moodle, send the course information (course number, any cross listing or "meets with" course info) along with your name to Steel Wagstaff at LSS ( You will receive an email when the course is ready. If you just want to spend some time playing around in Moodle and trying out features you can request that we make you a "sandbox" course as well.


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