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Distinguished Teaching Awards: L&S recipients

March 15, 2013 by Heba Elorbany

 Tehshik Yoon, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Here at L&S Learning Support Services, we work with many Letters and Sciences faculty members who, every day, strive to be the most effective instructors. We are pleased to announce that some of these L&S  professors are being recognized for their incredible effort and work. On March 19, ten UW-Madison faculty members chosen by the UW-Madison Teaching Awards Committee will receive this year’s Distinguished Teaching Awards. Recipients of the awards are “faculty members whose teaching is of such quality that it merits recognition and award.”

Letters and Sciences recipients are:

William Aylward, Professor of Classics
Professor Aylward joined the UW-Madison classics department in 2000 has ever since made enormous contributions, both in lectures and in on-site archaeological trips. This summer, he will lead an expedition to Troy, along with 11 UW-Madison students. Professor Aylward is a recipient of the Chancellor's award.

Seth Blair, Professor of Zoology
Professor Blair is the director for Introductory Biology 151, 152, and 153, but he also teaches upper-level and graduate courses. He is also very involved in research and maintains a genetics lab, where he studies the biology of embryonic develop using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Professor Blair is a recipient of the Chancellor's award.

Stefania Buccini, Professor of French and Italian

Professor Buccini, who has taught at UW-Madison for 24 years, continues to inspire and challenge her students both in and out of the classroom. Her courses range from undergraduate Italian language to graduate seminars. Outside of the classroom, Professor Buccini has been involved in the study abroad program and has also established “Piazza Italia,” an  Italian language immersion program.  Professor Buccini is a recipient of the Chancellor's award.

Edwin Sibert, Professor of Chemistry
Serving as the chair of the undergraduate curriculum committee as well as the chair of the general chemistry division, Professor Sibert’s influence on the undergraduate chemistry department has been vast. He also leads his own theoretical chemistry research group. Professor Sibert is a recipient of the Chancellor's award.

Rajiv Rao, Assistant Professor Spanish and Portuguese
Professor Rao studies phonetics and and phonology of the Spanish language. As an instructor, he is dedicated both within the classroom setting as well as faculty coordinator of Residencia de Estudiantes, the Spanish-speaking floor at the Lakeshore dorms. Professor Rao is a recipient of the Emil Steiger Award.

Karyn Riddle, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication
Professor Riddle, who joined UW in 2007, researches media violence and is constantly ranked highly by her students. Her inclusive approach and discussion-based methods of teaching inspires critical thinking and student participation in her classes.
Professor Riddle is a recipient of the Class of 1955 Award.

Jane Tibbetts Schulenburg, Professor of History, Department of Liberal Studies and the Arts, Continuing Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Medieval Studies
A part of UW-madison for over 40 years, Professor Schulenburg has been an innovative and creative instructor in many ways. She has taught Educational Telephone Network courses, allowing discussion and participation by phone, and led study tours throughout Europe, teaching medieval and historical topics. Professor Schulenburg is a recipient of the Van Hise Outreach Award.

Tehshik Yoon, Associate Professor of Chemistry
As an undergraduate instructor in the chemistry department, Professor Yoon has greatly contributed to changes, including the introduction of technology and even the use of social media in the classroom. he also leads The Yoon Research Group, which “centers on the development of new reaction methodology.” Professor Yoon is recipient of the William Kiekhofer Award.

Non-Letters and Sciences recipients are Peter Muir, Professor of Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery and James Rawlings, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Both are also recipients of the Chancellor’s Award.

Congratulations to all of the recipients, and thank you for helping to make education at this school phenomenal in many ways! To attend the awards ceremony or the reception on March 19, please register here.

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