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Developing your Professional Web Presence

April 24, 2013 by Lane Sunwall

In today’s digital age, the internet is a screening tool of choice for
employers, grant committees, potential students, and others. Taking proactive steps to ensure
that the online material potential employers and funders find is professional
and advances your career is not only recommended, it’s becoming
increasingly essential.

This past semester, Learning Support Services hosted a workshop dedicated to demonstrating to instructors the importance of maintaining one’s online presence. Lane Sunwall, LSS's Learning Technology TA, developed the workshop and some strategies to help you develop the most productive “web presence.”

To find out more about these strategies and details of the workshop, take a look at the workshop's Prezi, which will walk you through the basics of developing your online presence. Feel free to check out the poster created for the Teaching and Learning Symposium. Or simply check out the handout that lays out the basic steps to take control of your web presence.  

Experiment!  Be creative! Have fun! Contact Lane to find out more about this workshop or to discuss more on how you can improve your web presence.

Additional Resources

Printable version of Prezi (PDF)

Prezi text (PDF)

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