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Podcasting Grants Perfect for Language Teachers

November 10, 2005 by Doug Worsham

This semester DOIT’s Engage program is awarding grants for instructors that integrate podcasts into their classes. Each grant provides $800 plus help from instructional technology staff. Better yet, the grant application is quick and easy.

Podcasting has been an exciting topic in foreign language technology lately, as it makes it very easy to share audio content with students. You can think of a podcast as a little audio magazine distributed on the internet. When a student subscribes to a podcast, they automatically receive each episode, just like a magazine subscription. Students can listen to the podcast on any computer (PC or Mac) and don't need an iPod.

Podcasting is particularly useful for language teachers, because it is a convenient way to deliver listening materials in the target language.

If you’d like to experiment with technology and language learning, add something distinctive to your teaching portfolio, and make it easier and more fun for your students to practice their listening skills, this grant may be for you.

Please note that although this funding is not from LSS, we will provide grantees in the College of Letters & Science with the support needed for developing and producing podcasts.

L&S instructors can book time in our recording studio, or arrange for training on simple tools that make it easy to record podcasts on your own.

For more information on the grant and the application process, visit

For more information on podcasting in general, see

For examples of foreign language podcasts and related resources, see

If you’d like to talk about a podcasting project for your foreign language class or need help with an idea for your grant, feel free to contact Doug Worsham ( with Learning Support Services.

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