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Wireless Access in Van Hise Hall

November 2, 2005 by Sara Nagreen

There is a strange new type of computer user emerging amongst the UW population. They lug laptops around with them, eschewing the need to have wires to connect to the internet, and instead relying on radio waves to get their daily fix of cyberspace.

Seem like science fiction? Not any more.

Wireless technology is now a standard feature on most new laptops. Most actually have it built in, but even those with older laptops can gain the benefits of wireless internet access with a simple inexpensive card that plugs into the side of their laptop.

LSS has had wireless access available to any registered user on the first 5 floors of Van Hise for over a year now.

Some departments even went so far as to purchase their own wireless access points for their own faculty, staff and TA’s. But DoIT is pushing this type of access even farther. With the rollout of the new network, they want to make every building on campus entirely wireless capable.

As we complete our transition over to the new wiring, we will be working with DoIT to install new access points throughout the building.

These access points will function much like other access points throughout campus. Users will need to authenticate upon connecting with their netid and password. Each floor will have two, and those two access points will allow access from just about everywhere on that floor.

Keep your eyes peeled for the unveiling of this new wireless network, and watch for more announcements from us regarding its use.

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