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Network Upgrade

October 28, 2005 by Bruno Browning

The campus is in the process of upgrading its computing network, and the Van Hise part of that upgrade is finally here. It was originally scheduled to be much sooner (which is why we suggested to Van Hise folks that they buy network cables in preparation for the upgrade a looooong time ago) and we are delighted that it is here.

The new network will be much faster than the one it replaces, should be more reliable, and has many new management features that we're already appreciating in the portions of the building which we have already moved onto the new network.

But management features only matter to us geeks. Why should anyone else care? Well, the new network will allow us to do a number of things that we haven't done before, especially in the area of streaming media. You may have already heard mention of the Digital Academic Television Network, DATN. Once we have completed the upgrade DATN will be available in Van Hise classrooms and offices. We're looking forward to making announcements about it in the coming weeks.

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