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Keep calm and Stop Badware

January 3, 2014 by Sue Weier

Keep calm and Stop Badware

A patron recently emailed the LSS TechZone with suspicions about an email she received.  This patron had good instincts; the email was a phishing email.  Phishing emails try to acquire personal information or passwords by tricking the recipient into thinking that he or she is at a legitimate site.  This particular email played on the common use of GoogleDocs and GoogleDrive:

I sent you a document via Google drive, follow the link, 
CLICK HERE just sign in with your email to view it.
Thank you.

This email was particularly effective because it was signed with the name of a legitimate academic professional in the field of the recipient.  However, when the recipient rolled her mouse over the words CLICK HERE, the URL in the link was not a google domain.

We looked the domain up on the Stop Badware website at  This site keeps a database of websites that are reported to have malware.  The information comes from a number of data providers, including Google.  Stop Badware reported that the domain in the phishing email's URL had been blacklisted on December 20, 2013. 

If you receive an email that doesn't look quite right to you, be cautious.  Keep calm and look carefully.  If you can find a URL, check it out at Stop Badware and as always, feel free to email the TechZone for advice (



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