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Lens on the collection: Religon in Film

November 2, 2012 by Emily Schneider

Lens on the collection: Religon in Film

Our new Lens on the Collection board delves into the topic of religion.  As such, the Learning Lab invites you to contemplate upon matters of faith by checking out our collection of some of the world's best foreign films on religion.

The selected films, while unified around the idea of religion, vary wildy in their approach. For decades directors of all backgrounds have found that faith is a truly multi-faceted vehicle for film. At times film certainly does emphasize the theological -- and can interpret the topic well. However, the best movies about religion focus not only on the divine but on the humanity as well, demonstrating to the viewer how belief can move one beyond a worldly existence.

Films on faith provide us with the impetus to think deeply: about the nature of reality, the purpose of our existence, our place in a wider cosmos, and especially about our relationship with fellow humanity. As we watch these films we will be challenged to think beyond the physical and material and instead reflect on something more illuminating. While we may not all experience a new spirituality as a result, we will all at least bear witness to a natural world imbued with deeper meaning.

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