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LSS News - November 2005

Wikideas galore!

November 25, 2005 by Doug Worsham

This semester LSS is helping several language instructors use wikis for collaborative and interactive writing assignments. A wiki is a website that makes it easier than ever before for students to publish work online, read and comment on the work of their peers, collaborate on written documents, and build shared pools of information.

Here are descriptions of three of the wiki projects supported by LSS this semester. Read more »

Learning Lab News

November 23, 2005 by Doug Worsham

Student studying in Language Lab

If you haven’t visited the L&S Learning Lab (259 Van Hise) in a while, you might be surprised at all the new and exciting features we have to offer. Here are just a few of them you’ll want to stop by and check out, literally. Read more »

TV on Your Desktop!

November 10, 2005 by Brian Deith

Thanks to the high speed 21st Century Network, you can now access television programming right on your own computer! You must, of course, be connected to the network, but with little setup you can soon be watching CNN, PBS, and even local channels such as WKOW, WMTV, and WISC. Read more »

The 21st Century (Network) is Finally Here!

November 10, 2005 by Brian Deith

After several years of waiting for a promised 21st Century Network, we finally have one!

In terms of technology, what this means is that all old networking cabling, hubs, and switches have been replaced with high speed equipment that increases the speed of your connection by up to 10 times. In the background, DoIT will now be responsible for maintaining equipment that we at LSS had to maintain. The managed equipment now in place will make it easier to pinpoint and resolve network problems. Read more »

Podcasting Grants Perfect for Language Teachers

November 10, 2005 by Doug Worsham

This semester DOIT’s Engage program is awarding grants for instructors that integrate podcasts into their classes. Each grant provides $800 plus help from instructional technology staff. Better yet, the grant application is quick and easy. Read more »

Wireless Access in Van Hise Hall

November 2, 2005 by Sara Nagreen

There is a strange new type of computer user emerging amongst the UW population. They lug laptops around with them, eschewing the need to have wires to connect to the internet, and instead relying on radio waves to get their daily fix of cyberspace. Read more »

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