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LSS News - March 2007

Culturally Authentic Images from the REALIA Project

March 23, 2007 by Shannon Donnally


If you are a language teacher, you probably have some photographs from the target culture, but your collection might be incomplete or outdated.

You also might want to have access to digitized images from the target culture but are concerned about copyright issues. Read more »

Why does my new laptop look weird?

March 5, 2007 by Sue Weier

Because it has the new Microsoft Vista operating system on it!

It was 2002 when Microsoft XP came out, and since that time, Microsoft has been developing a new operating system to fix and improve upon issues in the previous version.

The result is Microsoft Vista.

Microsoft has been working with hardware manufacturers and the result is that more and more new computer equipment has been changed to only function with Microsoft Vista. Read more »

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