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L&S Learning Support Services News

Workshop: Introduction to Collaborative Sites for Learning Language, Literature, and Culture

April 9, 2010 by Chad Shorter

L&S Learning Support Services announces a brown bag workshop on Collaborative Sites specifically aimed at instructors (factuly, staff, TAs)  of language, literature, and culture courses. 

Wednesday April 14     
12 pm

254 Van Hise



Please contact Chad Shorter --
-- to indicate that you would like to attend. Read more »

Workshop: Language Learning Activities with Film

April 1, 2010 by Chad Shorter

L&S Learning Support Services will conduct a brown bag workshop on language learning activities with film.  The workshop is open to all language instructors (faculty, staff, and TAs). 

Thursday April 8
Van Hise 254

Please contact Chad Shorter -- -- to indicate that you would like to attend. Read more »

Collaborative Sites Taking Off in L&S Courses

March 24, 2010 by Doug Worsham

The Collaborative Sites platform has been customized to serve several courses

As the pilot program for Collaborative Sites continues
to grow, L&S instructors are exploring new ways to foster online
interaction in their courses.

This semester, L&S instructors using Collaborative Sites created a
wide range of online interactions for their students, including: Read more »

3 Simple Questions for Better Video

March 16, 2010 by David Macasaet

Teacher and student using a videocamera

Digital video has become increasingly easy to use and share. At the same time, a widely held criticism from both professionals and novices alike is that navigating the shear number of new video technologies can be a real obstacle. Perhaps there's a problem with a camera that's not compatible with computer software, or a file that does not work across different computers, or problems sharing video because of file size or video format. The growth of high definition (HD) video and tapeless cameras has only expanded the technical landscape of digital video. Read more »

A Path to Smoother Class Presentations

March 5, 2010 by Chad Shorter

How many times have you seen students put so much work into a
presentation, only to have trouble projecting, or a compatabilty problem
with their Power Point file?  Even if completely ready to present
their information, they probably weren't prepared to deal with
technical difficulties.

Presentation day can be a learning
opportunity for students on multiple levels if they are also responsible
for the technical aspects of the delivery of their presentations. 
However, there are some measures the instructor can take to help smooth
the way.  Here are three tips for helping students prepare for in-class
presentations: Read more »

Classroom Video Recording Options

March 1, 2010 by Jonathan Klein

At LSS we aim to stay current with new technologies and make updated equipment available to L&S instructional staff.  With the addition of several new video technologies comes a policy change. 

We now have several options to help L&S instructional staff produce quality video recordings of their class.  Whether the video is required for evaluation purposes or needed as part of a teaching portfolio, we can meet your needs.

If you need a video recording for evaluation purposes, we have two solutions: Read more »

Could social video sharing meet your needs?

February 18, 2010 by Jonathan Klein

Do you have a video to share with a friend, your class, or the world?  
A social video sharing website like YouTube, Vimeo or TeacherTube may be a good option because the sites are free, easy to use and loaded with features to enhance education.  Before you log in and click the upload button, here are a few considerations to ensure the site you choose meets your needs.   

New DVDs Available for Checkout from Learning Lab

February 16, 2010 by Mary Prochniak

The new DVDs are available for checkout in the LSS Learning Lab, 259 Van Hise Hall. Here is a list: Read more »

Truly Yours, the Learning Lab!

February 9, 2010 by Antonella Caloro

Considered by many students to be one of their favorite studying spots, the Learning Lab in 259 Van Hise has recently undergone some small, but significant, changes. Read more »

What's Popular in the Pool this semester?

January 26, 2010 by Doug Worsham

Every semester, things just get busier and busier in the L&S AV Pool, and we expect that trend to continue this semester as instructors continue making audio, video, and Internet resources essential elements of classroom instruction. Read more »

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