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L&S Learning Support Services News

Beyond Office Hours: Improving student-instructor communication via digital tools

March 13, 2014 by Lane Sunwall

Earlier this month, Learning Support Services in collaboration with the College of Letters and Science hosted a workshop designed to help instructors improve communication with their students using digital tools and resources. Read more »

Q&A with David Macasaet: LSS' Resident Filmmaker

March 10, 2014 by Hayley Braun

Last month, we were thrilled to announce that David Macasaet, Senior Instructional Technology Consultant and Media Services Coordinator here at LSS, co-directed a short documentary that was selected for the 2014 Wisconsin Film Festival. “The Round Barns of Vernon County” explores the fascinating history of the unusual round structures that are unique to the rural areas in Vernon County, Wisconsin. One of the round barns is just down the street from the home where Macaset grew up in Viroqua, Wisconsin. Read more »

Congratulations to our TA award recipients!

February 26, 2014 by Maddy Horan

Congratulations to the 15 excellent University of Wisconsin-Madison teaching assistants who will be honored at the 10th annual College of Letters and Science Campuswide Teaching Assistant Awards! UW-Madison employs over one thousand teaching assistants every year in a variety of departments. The awards honor teaching assistants for their outstanding work in the development of UW-Madison students. The 15 will recieve one of four awards: Capstone Ph.D. Teaching Award, Early Excellence in Teaching Award, Innovations in Teaching Award and Exceptional Service Award. Read more »

LSS filmmaker David Macasaet's film selected for 2014 WI Film Festival

February 5, 2014 by Theresa Pesavento

The 2014 Wisconsin Film Festival selections were recently announced, and amongst the chosen was "The Round Barns of Vernon County," a short documentary directed by L&S Learning Support Services' very own David Macasaet. David, LSS Media Services Coordinator and Senior Instructional Technology Consultant, co-produced the documentary with fellow UW-Madison and LSS alumnus Shahin Izadi. The documentary will be screened at this spring's festival, scheduled for April 3-10, 2014. Read more »

Van Hise Stair Mastery

January 31, 2014 by Theresa Pesavento

Love or hate the Van Hise stairs, two of our very own in Van Hise Hall have found the silver lining in the many flights stairs in the 18-story building. LSS Director and L&S CIO Bruno Browning and German Department Coordinator Joan Leffler regularly eschew elevator rides in favor of climbing the stairs. Their climbing routines offer fitness benefits, provide mini-breaks throughout their days, and even build community: Bruno and Joan sometimes pass each other and other Van Hise climbers during their daily walks. Read more »

Office 365 Phishing Emails

January 27, 2014 by Sue Weier

L&S Security

Over the holidays, my Inbox was inundated with a number of new phishing emails.  Interestingly, I noticed a trend toward phishing emails that referenced Office 365.  Most of these appeared to come from support units similar to the LSS TechZone or the DoIT Helpdesk, but on closer examination proved to be fake. Read more »

Keep calm and Stop Badware

January 3, 2014 by Sue Weier

A patron recently emailed the LSS TechZone with suspicions about an email she received.  This patron had good instincts; the email was a phishing email.  Phishing emails try to acquire personal information or passwords by tricking the recipient into thinking that he or she is at a legitimate site.  This particular email played on the common use of GoogleDocs and GoogleDrive: Read more »

Don't believe it. The Wisc! Helpdesk

December 20, 2013 by Sue Weier

Don't ruin your holiday season by falling victim to this new phishing scheme.  An email with the subject "The Wisc! Helpdesk" is making the rounds on the UW campus.  The text of the email is:

Your Incident ID is: 130329-018715

This is an automated message to notify you that we detected a login attempt
with a valid password to your Wisc! account from an unrecognized device on
Thursday, December 19th, 2013 10:20 PM BST.

Location: Czech Republic IP=

New Sterling Hall Collaborative Learning Classrooms

December 5, 2013 by Theresa Pesavento

Active learning classrooms are gradually being added to buildings around campus, which is exciting news for those instructors who would like to explore teaching in a more collaborative learning environment instead of a traditional lecture hall. Space Management has designed three new spaces in Sterling Hall that will be available starting in Spring 2014 Each Sterling Hall Collaborative Learning Classroom (CLC) has six teaching and learning pods
(large tables with moveable seating).
Read more »

New Phishing Email

December 5, 2013 by Sue Weier

Phishing emails -emails that lure personal information from the recipients - are becoming more common and more sophisticated.  A new phishing email specifically directed at the UW-Madison community has been sighted in several colleges on campus, including Letters & Science.  The email is titled "Your UW-Madison NetID is on Restriction" and it reads as follows:

  Read more »

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