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Episode 16 Transcript

This is a transcript of Episode 16 of The New Technologist postcast.

[Electronic sounds/radio static noise]

Brian Hamilton: My name is Brian Hamilton and I used the studio to record an interview with the wonderful anthropologist Anna Tsing of UC-Santa Cruz and Our House University in Denmark. It was for a recent episode of the Edge Effects podcast that has been downloaded more than 1,000 times.

Sara Thomas: Hi, my name is Sara Thomas. I used the studio in preparation for an Edge Effects podcast that included an interview between Jesse Gant and historian Richard White about his new book entitled The Republic for which it Stands. 

David Macasaet: Some of the projects that I've been involved with here at LSS with the audio studio range from podcasts that have brought in Noam Chomsky for a linguistics podcast to readings from professors' own research. 

Kyle Johnson (host narration): Most instructors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison probably don't know about a small audio recording studio that is run by Learning Support Services in Van Hise Hall. The room is a resource that can offer a variety of instructional or creative needs to people throughout the University, primarily within the College of Letters and Science. Since the room was utilized a number of times throughout the Fall 2017 semester, I wanted to sit down with Learning Support Service's media integration guru. We talk about the features of the audio studio and who it is designed to be of use to. 

David Macasaet: So, my name is David Macasaet and I'm an instructional technology consultant here at L&S Learning Support Services. My specialization is in media and media integration. What we've done at LSS for many years is help people make high-quality multimedia material. Many years ago, we acquired this audio studio and this, in addition to our other production facilities, provides that baseline of fundamental quality that is often a marker of excellence in activity design, in online course activities, and a whole range of instructional multimedia for education. So, this audio studio provides a space that's not only very very quiet, but that quietness provides a space that is free from interruptions-whether that's a construction project happening or the sound of a bell ringing in a particular building. 

Kyle Johnson: So, here in the audio studio, we're able to do a kind of DIY recording session or what we consider an engineered recording session. I'm wondering if you can give some examples of types of projects that would use one or the other. 

David Macasaet: A DIY session is usually best for a recording that only has one or two people. An engineered session is usually required if you have more than two people and you need to manage the dynamics of that interview. So, just having an extra hand that can manage all of the different microphones and input levels is something that becomes increasingly necessary as you have more people in the room. 

Kyle Johnson: Who is the audio studio designed to be for at UW?

David Macasaet: The audio studio at LSS is primarily designed for instructors and graduate students who are teaching in the College of Letters and Science, who are developing instructional multimedia materials to use in a class. In addition, we look at the wide range of opportunities for multimedia to inform instruction and are quite flexible with how that is interpreted. So, that ranges from podcasts to book readings to conversations that can better inform any number of disciplines. I'm always encouraged by the quality it offers and also the focus-you've come to a place where you need to do one thing. It's kind of that old adage where 'you bring the right tool to the job and do it right the first time.' I'm continually relearning that lesson myself. 

[electronic background sounds]

Kyle Johnson: Once again, that's David Macasaet, an instructional technology consultant in Learning Support Services. If you would like a tour of or access to Van Hise's audio studio, feel free to contact David or another consultant. You can find contact information on our website, We hope to be of service to you soon!

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