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Video Streaming

We help instructors in the College of L&S provide online videos (streaming) for their courses.These videos are viewable in most current web browsers and on most portable devices.

Available to: All L&S course instructors (faculty, staff, TAs)

Location: Anywhere!

Hours: Anytime!


  • We handle the technical aspects of digitizing, delivery, and troubleshooting for users.
  • Provides easy access to course videos while still respecting the requirements outlined byUniversity Legal.


  • Course name, number, and the semester that it will be taught
  • Title of video
  • Possibly the actual video if not already in our catalog(s)
  • Full-length, no film clips
  • Subtitles needed, if any and available
  • 2 week notice, particularly at the beginning of the semester

Getting Started:

Send an email to Mary Prochniak ( with the above information.

More Information:

  • Captions are included where possible
  • Convert DVD (or other formats) to video files and add to our catalog
  • Provide a unique URL to share with your students
  • Host videos on our servers
  • Archive videos for future use

Terms of Use:

  • Access controlled by netID and current UW registrar information
  • Videos available between the first and last day of the course, as defined by the registrar
  • Legal restrictions apply:
    • must be part of a course
    • must be a lawful version/copy
    • streaming prevents students from saving, copying, or distributing the video

Options/Optional Services:

  • Host your own videos using Kaltura through DoIT. You will be responsible for your own digitizing, fair use, etc.


Free for instructors of the College of L&S

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