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LSS welcomes Margaret Merrill

September 14, 2010 by Jonathan Klein

Margaret Merrill

L&S Learning Support Services is pleased to welcome Margaret Merrill as our new Learning Technology Teaching Assistant!  As the LSS Learning Technology Assistant, Margaret will help manage the L&S AV Pool and work with our team to develop, support, and evaluate various LSS learning technology projects, such as collaborative sites.
  Read more » For learners of Southeast Asian Languages

January 27, 2010 by Sue Weier

Students of Southeast Asian languagues will want to visit the The Southeast Asian Languages Library
at  It is highly recommended as an excellent set of online dictionaries for mainland Southeast Asian languages.  This website provides "bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, monolingual text corpora, aligned bitext corpora, and a variety of tools for manipulating, searching, and displaying complex scripts." Read more »

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