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Lens on the collection: Religon in Film

November 2, 2012 by Emily Schneider

Our new Lens on the Collection board delves into the topic of religion.  As such, the Learning Lab invites you to contemplate upon matters of faith by checking out our collection of some of the world's best foreign films on religion. Read more »

Lens on the Collection: Tremendous Trilogies

February 1, 2012 by Theresa Pesavento

Ease back into school and start the spring semester with a triliogy (or two) during a study break! January's Lens on the Collection theme is trilogies. Our "Tremendous Trilogies" selections feature 21 must-see films. See the attached list for the titles and descriptions of our recommended picks. We've also chosen some great songs, books, and websites for you, so check these out on the bulletin board outside of the Learning Lab 259 VH! Read more »

Lens on the Collection: Food

September 15, 2011 by Theresa Pesavento

LSS and the Learning Lab bring you new and exciting films from our library collection for personal, professional, or instructional use! Each month, Lens on the Collection features a different theme and also offers book, music, and website suggestions that compliment films from that month’s selection.

September's Lens on the Collection theme is food. Our "Cinema Delicious" selections feature 13 must-see films that focus on cuisine or food culture. Read more »

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