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Classroom Video Recording Options

March 1, 2010 by Jonathan Klein

At LSS we aim to stay current with new technologies and make updated equipment available to L&S instructional staff.  With the addition of several new video technologies comes a policy change. 

We now have several options to help L&S instructional staff produce quality video recordings of their class.  Whether the video is required for evaluation purposes or needed as part of a teaching portfolio, we can meet your needs.

If you need a video recording for evaluation purposes, we have two solutions: Read more »

Mini DV Camera: Moving your video onto a computer

November 4, 2009 by Antonella Caloro

On the Mac side:

1.    Connect your Macbook to the camera via fire wire ONLY (the 4-pin port is located in the interior of the LCD screen housing, marked “DV”). Connect large end (6-pin) fire wire cable to Macbook.
Do NOT force cable. Be careful not to try to insert fire wire into USB port
2.    Turn camera ON
3.    Turn camera dial to playback mode (green play arrow must be selected)
4.    Launch iMovie Read more »

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