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Learning beyond the classroom with iTunes U

June 16, 2009 by Doug Worsham

iTunesU Homepage - University of Wisconsin Madison

University Communications' recent launch of iTunesU for UW-Madison offers a great new platform for instructors to share instructional media with their students as well as with a wide audience outside the walls of campus classrooms.

One of the first features on the new site, Personalidades, shows how an iTunesU podcast can serve UW-Madison students and at the same time bring the work of the University to people throughout Wisconsin and around the world. Read more »

Vodcasts Help Students Understand Wide Variety of Spoken Norwegian

March 4, 2009 by Peggy Hager

Peggy Hager

In this article Peggy Hager, Senior Lecturer in Norwegian in the UW-Madison Department of Scandinavian Studies, explains how and why she developed vodcasts for use in her third semester Norwegian classes.
Read more »

City History Comes Alive!

August 14, 2007 by Sara Nagreen

Madison had growing pains just like any other city. The newest arrivals to our beautiful Capitol were shunted to an area in the center of town called Greenbush, and instead of becoming a slum, it became a haven of culture and harmonious peace. Italian families mingled with Polish families, African-American families lived alongside Jewish families, and it was a wonderful place, but a place with some notoriety and a bad reputation. Read more »

Letters and Science Podcasters in Service of the Wisconsin Idea

May 31, 2007 by Doug Worsham

Several L&S instructors will be featured at today's Teaching and Learning Symposium for their efforts to fulfill the Wisconsin Idea through podcasting:

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Explore Podcast Potential with Podcasting Plus Grant Program

November 15, 2006 by Doug Worsham

Building on the success of the current round of podcasting grants, DOIT’s Engage program is once again offering to help instructors experiment with audio learning and podcasting. Their next set of grants will focus on "enhanced podcasts" which are audio podcasts that can incorporate still images, video, chapter markers, and web links. Read more »

VoIP and Video Conferencing Bring a World of Possibilities

October 5, 2006 by Doug Worsham

Bringing guest speakers from out of the area into the classroom was once a pricey endeavor involving airplanes, hotels, and dinner reservations. Recent developments in internet telephony, otherwise known as VoIP (Voice over IP), and video conferencing make it easier and cheaper than ever before to communicate with people around the world. Read more »

LSS Podcasting Website

January 31, 2006 by Karen Tusack

Back in November we told you about our work with DOIT’s Engage program and it’s chosen technology for this year’s Adaptation Awards – podcasting.

Learning Support Services is currently working with twenty-six instructors from the College of Letters and Science who were recipients of the awards for the spring and fall semesters of 2006. These instructors will use their $800 in award money and our technical support to explore a variety of instructional uses for podcasting. Read more »

Podcasting Grants Perfect for Language Teachers

November 10, 2005 by Doug Worsham

This semester DOIT’s Engage program is awarding grants for instructors that integrate podcasts into their classes. Each grant provides $800 plus help from instructional technology staff. Better yet, the grant application is quick and easy. Read more »

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