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Knoppix: Getting data off of a dead hard drive

June 1, 2012 by Sara Nagreen

If you have a Windows formatted hard drive that will not boot, and you need to rescue data from it, you can use Knoppix to do this.

Get the Knoppix CD from the TechZone. (or get your own from the Knoppix website)

Put it in the system's CD tray. Make sure to adjust the BIOS to boot from CD. Attach the USB hard drive to the system.

Reboot. When you get a prompt that looks like this:


Hit Enter.

Your system will boot a fully functional Linux installation. It runs off of the CD and the RAM. Read more »

Cobain backup software: Installing

May 31, 2012 by Sara Nagreen

The install is straight forward enough; double click the downloaded file to start.

However, at one point, you'll be asked to install it as a service or application.

Install as an application available to all users (auto-start).

Cobain backup software: Creating a task

May 31, 2012 by Sara Nagreen

Right click on the white screen to the left and choose New Task.

With a new task, you'll need to make some changes to make it work the way you expect. Read more »

Cobain backup software: Configuring for automated backup

May 31, 2012 by Sara Nagreen

You can see Cobain is installed via the Cobain icon in the task bar.  (In this case it is a mushroom.  In future versions, it may look different)

Right click on that and choose Open to change the configurations.

If you wish to do a manual backup, choose instead Run all Tasks Now!

If you chose Open, you'll see this screen Read more »

Checking your Dell for warranty service

May 31, 2012 by Sara Nagreen

And enter your service tag information into the form.  It will tell you how long you have left on your warranty.

If the machine is still covered by a warranty, you can contact DoIT Installation and Repair and they'll work on it and replace hardware for free.

Here's how to contact DoIT Installation and Repair.

IP numbers: How do I know what mine is?

May 30, 2012 by Sara Nagreen

This is a useful thing to have if you intend on connecting to another computer via IP, such as for when you hope to connect to your work computer via Remote Desktop.

1st method:

  1. Go to


2nd method (Windows):

  1. Go to to the Start bar, and choose "Run".
  2. Type cmd in the box and hit enter.
  3. A command prompt will open.
  4. Type ipconfig/all and hit enter. 
  5. Look for the IP address.


VPN: Connecting to your computer remotely

May 30, 2012 by Sara Nagreen

This is for people running Windows.  If you're on a Mac and want to connect remotely, please email the Techzone ( for assistance.

There are two steps.

Prepare your WORK computer
Prepare your HOME computer Read more »

Mapping a network drive in Mac OS X

May 30, 2012 by Sara Nagreen

NOTE: To connect to an LSS server you must be either be:

  1. On campus and using a wired network connection, OR
  2. Anywhere else as long as you're using WiscVPN. You can download and see installation instructions for WiscVPN at this web address:

  Read more »

Mapping a network drive in Windows

May 30, 2012 by Sara Nagreen

NOTE: In order to do any of this from any off-campus computer or if you are using the on-campus wireless you must download and install WiscVPN. You can get WiscVPN at this web address:

If you are connecting from a wired network connection on campus, you can skip the WiscVPN stuff.

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